2024 Granite State Tour Club Membership

Membership is open to any and all individuals that are in agreement with the goals of this association. Annual dues shall be determined by the club officers with feedback from our members at our annual meeting. Three different levels of membership will be available for the 2024 season:

$75  - OG Member 

We will be reserving the first 199 Membership numbers for this tier of membership. OG ST Members will be a crucial part of helping kickstart our tour season and knowing that their $75 dollars will help with the instantaneous growth we are striving to get to. Membership numbers from 0-199.

$25  - Birdie Member 

Dues for our third membership will be $25 dollars and that will get you a GST membership as well as a merchandise package (mini, sticker, etc.). Membership numbers from 200+

$10 - Standard Member

Anyone who pays the annual membership fee will enjoy full membership privileges including: The ability to accumulate points for the tour championship, Voting rights in club decisions and referenda, Memberships expire Dec 31 each year and must be renewed annually. Your tour membership number will remain exclusively yours for future years of the tour.

Member List