Welcome to The Granite State Tour. The Granite State Tour (GST) is a series of disc golf tournaments that is built for play of all skill levels. Our goal is to highlight some of the best courses and tournaments within the state of New Hampshire as well as some from the surrounding areas, culminating in a Granite State Tour Championship event. Players will accumulate points by their tournament finishes at each event they attend with hopes of hoisting the Granite State Tour Point Series Champion Trophy and getting their share of season payouts. We’ve seen a meteoric rise in the sport of Disc Golf and we are ready to grow with it!
The Granite State Tour is an organization newly founded in 2021 by a group of disc golfers eager to see the sport grow locally and beyond. Our mission is to promote and support the growth of disc golf throughout New Hampshire and the surrounding regions. This document outlines the mission of our club and tour.

Disc Golfers

Accumulating Granite State Tour Points
➔ Players that are members will earn points at each event they attend for the division they participate in. A
player’s top 4 tournament finishes (including finals) and those points will be added together after each
event with his/her points. Standings will be posted after each event.
➔ Our points system is based on a NEFA/DGVT based points system of 0-73. A player with only one
player/division, will award 73 points. A player also gets 3 points for every player they beat or tie (with a
maximum of 27 points). There is also a 1st place bonus given to division winners of .2 per player they
beat. Example: 10 player division. Winner gets 73+27+1.8=101.8 points.
➔ Ties and playoffs: If a tie occurs for 1st place in a division, a sudden-death playoff will decide 1st place
points and payouts. All other ties would split payout and points unless TD’s decide otherwise.
➔ You have until the start of the next tournament to become a member to start accumulating points for
season ending payouts.

Granite State Tour Championships
➔ The final event of the year will be the Granite State Tour Championships as well as The Rally of
Rochester. No events are required to play in the finals, although season ending payouts and the coveted
Granite State Tour Point Series Champion Trophies are only available to Granite State Tour members.
Qualifying for season payouts and the Granite State Tour Point Series requires five (5) events played
including finals. Finals will be double points!

Player Responsibilities
➔ Register and/or check-in on time (as outlined in the event registration page).
➔ Attend the players meeting, understand the released caddy-book and out of bounds rules.
➔ Follow PDGA rules of play. It is recommended that you read and understand these rules (linked below) prior to the event. We are a self policing sport and need to abide by the rules that are set forth.
➔ Indicate your full name on the scorecard (no nicknames.) Mark score for each hole (noting penalties).
Count, total, and initial scorecard on completion of round. You will be penalized (corrected score plus 2
strokes) for turning in an inaccurate scorecard. Always double check, it only takes one time doing it
wrong to learn this mistake. Please ensure even on PDGA live scoring that your score is accurate prior to
submitting any scores.
➔ Most importantly, have FUN! Enjoy the flight of the discs and the people around you, after all isn’t that why we all started playing?

Player Divisions
➔ Player divisions will follow the standard convention set by the PDGA. At a minimum, tourneys should
offer MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50, MA1, MA2, MA3, FA1, and FA2. It is up to the players to place
themselves in the division most appropriate for their skill level. We encourage TD’s to offer more
divisions, i.e. junior divisions.
➔ Players will be permitted to play in their chosen division even if there are no other competitors.
➔ If you have questions as to what division you should play please refer to the following link:

Reference and Resources